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MONEY Teen Checking


Joint account for parents and teens

MONEY Teen Checking is a joint bank account between parents and guardians and teens giving them each a unique view into the account that caters specifically to their needs.

Teens are able to access their money through Capital One’s app or website, along with having a debit card in their name.

While thinking about how to help organizers, questions arose about what we could add to the experience to help support these organizers and make the transition to group leader more seamless.

Parents are able to monitor the account, track transactions, and use controls like locking the debit card.


Lead designer for parental controls features and information architecture


Over two and a half years


Android, iOS


More Americans are going 'cashless'

American adults that say none of their purchases in a typical week are paid for using cash.


*statistics from PewResearch

Teens need parental permission to get debit card, through a bank account

  • Increasing number of joint bank accounts directed towards teens and parents
  • Both traditional and Fintech
  • Offering a range of features


Giving parents insight into the teen’s account

Designs focused on creating two separate but unified experiences for teens and parents and aligning with Capital One's existing design system and branding.

My primary focus was allowing parents to guide and oversee the teen's account.


Parental features guided by research

  1. 1
  2. 2
    Locking and unlocking debit card
  3. 3
    Oversight into account activities

Process + Results

More to share

There’s a lot more to this project: the thinking behind the work I did and how I solved some the complex problems along the way. Contact me to learn more.